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Two apartments.

Tuscan farmhouses used to have stables on the ground floor and the farmers lived upstairs.

The building had been abandoned for many years when Rocco and Bruno had it completely restored and converted into a series of individual rowhouses.

Each flat has its own door and yard. You can enjoy Tuscan feasts in the garden, where the stars fall literally into your plate.

Don’t be surprised if you see a friendly fox looking for a few remains of your dinner. 

And then there are the neighbor’s cats, curious to see who has arrived but very tolerant of guests’ pets.

Six to eight people fit comfortably into each of the houses. Or two families can share one.

The living rooms are huge.

There are three bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom on each floor.


The good-size kitchens on the ground floor are fully equipped with refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers and washing machines.

If you want some cooking suggestions Roman will be there to help out.


When you do not want to eat outside there is a large dining area inside.

Now down to some details. CASA BIANCA and CASA ROSSA are similar but there are a few differences.


This apartment has a panoramic view onto the Tuscan countryside, which you can enjoy from the garden but also from the bathroom window upstairs.


In fact you will surpass your dentist’s recommendation to brush for two minutes as you gaze at the wonderful view out the bathroom window.


The kitchen is at the front of the house, followed by a dining room, the stairs, a bathroom and the large living area with a work desk, perfect for writing.


Upstairs there are three bedrooms; two large ones with double beds plus a single, and a smaller room with two single beds.

This room has a lovely view out the window. Often it is used as the children’s quarters.

Click on the photo gallery for more pics.



This apartment has a cozy feel and a garden filled with southern light.


There is a fragrant herb garden, which will provide you with typical ingredients for your Tuscan meals.


On the ground floor there is a kitchen, a bathroom and a huge living area with a dining area.

In the bottom bathroom there is a shower area and in the top floor there is a bath. Both bathrooms have toilets.


There are three bedrooms on the floor above -  two large ones with double beds and singles.


The smaller room in the middle has a sky light so you can watch the clouds go by during the day and the stars at night. It has two single beds.

Click on the photo gallery for more pics.

And don’t forget the pool down in the field below.

Podere Vitalba pool01
Podere Vitalba_pool_01

The pool is available to our guests in the summer season, from the beginning of June to the end of September.

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