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Gallo Family
Podere Vitalba


Monte Vitalba is located in the Pisan Hills,

which look down on the Tuscan coast below Livorno. 

Lying just below Monte Vitalba is Podere La Vitalba,

a Tuscan farmhouse without any frills but with a magical soul.

Our family lost its heart to this special place.

We brought our friends here and they in turn brought their friends.

This year is your turn.

Welcome to a place with a big heart.

About Us

"If someone is able to breath life into Vitalba project,

then it‘s you," wrote our great Italian friend Janet.

And she was right.

The strength, energy and determination to pursue our dream is the strength of our family.


This large old stone building was converted into separate residences about thirty years ago, leaving the original character intact. 

A swimming pool lies in a field below. The nearest village in 3 kilometers away.


You will not need a traditional travel guide.

Use our Vitalba guide,

where you will find activities for adults and children, culinary advice, beach suggestions and much more, all based

on over ten years of our family experiences.

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