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Mercato Vitalba

Place, love, cult.

Peace, nature and a life in which time is relative and dreaming is bottomless.

Vitalba doesn't just open the heart, Vitalba also triggers the floodgates of taste and creates addiction.

We've decided to be on call in case of a taste buds attack. A vitamin for balance. Pishing for a reward.


Mercato Vitalba is the shop of Ema, Vojta, Lenka and Roman - Gallo family.

Imaginary, small, fragrant. Lubricated with oil, guided by the heart and tastes.

The selection of our raw materials is not dictated by prices, margins or favorable wholesale conditions. 

Our offer is made up of tastes, references of our guests and a shared love for a place that has been unnoticed and forever etched in our hearts.

As far as the scope is concerned, our offer is still modest, because nothing should be exaggerated. To be sure, each of the offered "pieces" is tested on members of the Gallo family and on guests of our establishment.


Collected from olive groves around the beloved Castellina,  several vineyards near Vitalba and one brand,

which is not Tuscan, but we fell in love with its products in Vitalba.

In short, Mercato Vitalba is the best that we offer in physical form on stone Vitalba.

Let yourself be tempted and take a leisurely step alias va piano (because we don't do it any other way) walk through our airy shelves.

You enter our shopHERE.

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